With the introduction of the concept of "only use only", our company provides a wide range of employment and development space for the vast majority of talents, and has long recruited general employment, technical personnel and management talents.

First, the basic purpose of human resource management is to establish a team of high quality, high state and high unity and cooperation, to create a mechanism of self motivation, self-restraint and promoting outstanding talents to stand out, so as to provide sufficient guarantee for the rapid growth and efficient operation of the company.

Two, all employees, regardless of their positions, are equal in personality. The basic norms of human resources management are fair, fair and open.

Three, the company relies on its own purpose and culture, achievements and opportunities, as well as policies and treatment to attract and recruit top talent in the world. We pay attention to human taste, quality, work experience, learning ability and potential.

Four, in terms of remuneration and remuneration, we adhere to the principle of "how much income is contributed by contribution and remuneration to follow the benefits", and focus on excellent employees.

Five, every employee can get the promotion of his position or qualification through hard work. Correspondingly, we must retain the fair competition mechanism in our duties and resolutely carry out the cadre recruitment system.

Six, training concept: "training into learning, learning for development, and training into practical tools" is our idea, to take "all members of the classification, stratification, pertinence, practicality" training principles.


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